Beautiful Book Covers


This post is about my obsession with books.

I love to collect rare (or maybe not rare, but 'aesthetically pleasing') editions of books. Some of these might not be shockingly pretty like the above pictures, but they have all managed to reel me in.

Let's get started.


REVIEW~ G&G GBT Blue + PinkyParadise.com Coupon (Online Circle Lens Store)!


I recently ordered my first pair of circle lens from PinkyParadise.com.

Pinky Paradise is the largest online store for contacts (and the one I chose in particular for my first pair, because it is a reputable site with 100% authentic lens). It gets 10/10 for everything! Honestly nothing to complain about: the package came on time, in an envelope, bubble wrapped, waiting patiently for me to corrupt it. 

And corrupt I did.

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