Beautiful Book Covers


This post is about my obsession with books.

I love to collect rare (or maybe not rare, but 'aesthetically pleasing') editions of books. Some of these might not be shockingly pretty like the above pictures, but they have all managed to reel me in.

Let's get started.

Camille Rose Garcia designed the artwork for the photos above. She didn't just do the covers:

If I had these, I would probably be too terrified of getting my finger prints on them lol. I wish every book looked like these!

I already have the original edition.  The movie edition leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but movie editions in general usually contain no appeal to me.  The black background and shiny cover creates a sleek appearance.  I feel that this edition matches the story best, and the emotions it provokes.

First off, these are the original covers. BUT they are hardcover editions! AND they aren't tiny!! Why must these be so hard to find?? If only Ender's Game had a hardcover edition like this..

Mmkay so I couldn't find a realistic picture of this lol. I have the original (American) edition in paperback, but this hardcover would be so so much nicer.

Sweet Jesus. I know, I know. This is a guilty pleasure of mine. I was definitely bothered by the grammatical errors whilst I read these books, but hell, they were entertaining! This white paperback box set is beautiful.  You can't see it in this image, but the page edges are tinted red. It looks ravishing.

These are all the beautiful books on my collection list so far, I can't wait to hoard all these eventually. Sigh.

             Tell me what books you lust after too!

Kair Luna

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