REVIEW~ G&G GBT Blue + PinkyParadise.com Coupon (Online Circle Lens Store)!


I recently ordered my first pair of circle lens from PinkyParadise.com.

Pinky Paradise is the largest online store for contacts (and the one I chose in particular for my first pair, because it is a reputable site with 100% authentic lens). It gets 10/10 for everything! Honestly nothing to complain about: the package came on time, in an envelope, bubble wrapped, waiting patiently for me to corrupt it. 

And corrupt I did.

[Code is at bottom]

Here are the original bottles of the lenses:

The lens case:

The lenses soaking inside: 

And a free gift (used a coupon code):

This is a pair of those hair tools you often see going around that keep hair out of your face as you do makeup etc.

I tried these, and I prefer using my toothed headband instead. This just seems to get stuck in my hair. It's not a bad product, I just have hair that's too long and rebellious. Probably works better if you have bangs!

EDIT: I now have bangs, and these still don't work for me lol. While they comb my bangs back just fine, stripping them from my hair is a mess.

~G&G GBT Blue~

Price: $19.90 10/10 
A steal!
Enlargement: 14.0mm 10/10
I didn't know what to expect since I've only worn prescription contacts before. The average diameter of an eye is around 12-14mm; no surprise that I lean on the petite size. These are the perfect size though! They give off a natural look. If you're going for a 'doll' effect, try 14.2mm and above. These give off enough enlargement not to look out of the ordinary, yet enhance.
Design: 10/10
For blue contacts, these looked extremely natural on me. I can't complain about the blue not being bolder, because my eyes are so dark. Although the blue does seem to become brighter in flash photography.
Comfort: 8/10
These feel WAY better, not to mention softer, than my prescription contacts. Can barely feel them while I wear them! I took 2 points off because they tend to dry out your eyes out pretty easily, so make sure to have some eye drops on hand. ^^ Water content is 38%.

~Overall 9.5/10~

Just a little more . . .

The solution I use is also my prescription lens solution, Opti-Free Replenish:

Honestly, I didn't know what I was supposed to use, so I just went for it. :D

And one thing more . . .

To enhance the largeness of my eyes, I decided to use some AB Mezical Eyelid Fibers, assisted by some Satin Edge [Eyebrow] scissors.

Take a look inside:

PinkyParadise.com Coupon Code!

By entering this code:
  1. You get a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS a mystery gift.
  2. This coupon can be stacked. So 3 pairs = 3 lens cases + 3 mystery gifts.
  3. A minimum of 1 pair of circle lens purchased to activate the code.
  4. No expiration dates! :D
CODE: becauseiwanttoknowmore

I'm extremely satisfied with Pinky Paradise and the G&G GBT Blue circle lenses!

More reviews to come! 

Kair Luna

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